2020 A/L Combined Maths Paper Sinhala Medium New also including answers.

The answers are given at the end of the article.

You can download 2020 a/l Combined Maths paper as 2 pdf files. including pure and applied part.

We hope to provide you with the A / L Combined Maths Complete paper and 2020 A/L Combined Maths original marking scheme soon.

2020 A/L Combined Maths Paper

online view of pure part

online view of applied part

Below are the answers to the 2020 Advanced Level Combined Maths Some question in this paper. These answers were provided by leading Combined Maths teachers. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the answers. We thank those teachers.

Answers By Dilan Lakmal Sir MATHS Experts

2020 A/L Combined Maths Pure

11-Wargaja Sameekarana, Bahupada Answers

13)b,c Sankirna Sankya Answers

12)a Sanyojana-Answers

Combined Maths pure -15- Anukalanaya-Answers

2020 A/L Combined Maths Applied -13- Sarala Anuwarthi Chalithaya -Answers

Answers By Dilan Lakmal MATHS Experts

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